It's all about the Merkins, baby.,   douchemaster replied to your post: I love...
It's all about the Merkins, baby.
I'm so curious YEAH
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I love you too, babs. <3 Just sometimes I start to feel like I’m one of the few people who is genuinely hurt and disturbed by these things, and it’s really heart-wrenching. Like, it makes me question why I’m even trying?

Posted: Friday 19th April at 1:38pm
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  1. turiansgonewild said: We just have to keep pointing it out! It won’t stop without our help! We need to try now more than ever! :)
  2. turiansgonewild answered: No it really is wrong, and it seems that everyone just thinks it’s totally okay and its not! Blatant racism running free with no repurcusions
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